How to Resolve the Issues Related to Child Relocation and Participation in Divorce

For couples who are living in Singapore or a resident of this country needs to have a better understanding of the International Divorce. This will provide you with a clear understanding of the case and important factors like child custody, child relocation, asset division, etc. Here are some of the important factors that will help you to understand the process deeply and get best for your child and self from the case.

Go for mediation: This is the best way to understand each other’s emotional factors and discuss the things even with the children. This will help you to understand the needs of everyone and get what you want from the divorce.

Decide for the best interest of the child: Ask the child to participate in the discussion and make the decision that is in the best interest of your child. Divorce is concerned as the adult issue and efforts are made to find their interest, but children are most affected by it. Thus, decide for their interest. For this, hire child custody lawyer who will provide a clear understanding of the child’s interest and right as per the law of Singapore. Make sure to put the child’s right ahead of the personal interest in marriage termination cases.

Hire an expert: If you have finally decided to move alone in life then make sure to hire a divorce lawyer to get best out of the case. They are the best guide to understand the situation and what forces to file for this emotional separation.


Singapore Divorce Lawyer – Get The Right Solution For The Marital Problems

Divorce is something that leads to the emotional and mental stress. If you are filing for the divorce in Singapore, then make sure to consult and hire a lawyer to understand the case and legal proceedings deeply. The Singapore Divorce Lawyer will be the right person that will handle the entire case like handling the official meeting before the case is presented to the court to avoid the separation with mutual discussion, prepare the legal documents, file for child custody, alimony, etc.

Child Custody is a crucial matter and the divorcing partners file the case if they have a child. It is the court that decided on the custody based on the various facts that are beneficial for the child. Thus, never forget to take the help of Child Custody lawyer as he is the person who holds complete knowledge of the laws that supports it. There are various norms and conditions that are considered for the child custody that applies for both the partners.

Thus, if you are not well aware of the legal rights, then make sure to hire a Child Custody lawyer to handle the entire case. Recently, the demand of Singapore Divorce Lawyer has increased due to the increase in the divorce cases. If you are also facing this tough time in your life, then these professionals will make their effort to avoid the unnecessary divorces. Thus, before you finally approach to the court, make sure to discuss the issue with these experts and get it resolved if possible.

Understand The Role Of Family Law Mediation In Saving The Marriage Termination

There are many chances when situations worsen among the couples in Singapore and they decide to file for separation. Years ago there was no alternative to handle the divorce case other than the court. With the emerging of the family lawyer Singapore, people now have an option to take their help and settle the marriage termination case with the mutual consent. Before you file the case, you have to consider various elements like disposition of the assets, needs of the children, custody of kids, and other crucial elements.

For this, family law mediation is the best solution to go for counseling before reaching court for filing the divorce or related issues. In most of the cases, a divorce is unavoidable, but the family lawyer Singapore could be of great help to understand the basic root of the conflict and provide the best solution. On the other hand, the mutual consent is the west way to save money and get the divorce case handled at home

Thus, get the support of the family law mediation by hiring a professional lawyer in your area. For this, you can explore the internet and contact the licensed law firm to hire one that fits for your case. These lawyers are well aware of the international laws and are fruitful to handle the complex divorce cases and the related issues. The International family lawyer is now affordable and is highly recommended to get best out of the complex life that will have an impact on the lives of both couples and children.

Get Divorce Help from Qualified Divorce Lawyer

Many people think that doing their own divorce is not that difficult and it includes only filling in some forms and getting their spouse to sign a particular agreement. But, this isn’t enough. Divorce is more than just filling out forms; it is about considering things and making a sound decision. Similarly, if you case demands marital settlement agreement, having it signed is not the solution. The demand of a particular agreement is the detail with which things work out together.

Again, a lot of people are hesitant to think about their case and they really take right decisions. Also they almost do anything to avoid discussing matters over with their spouse. This is something very common, given the nature of divorce, but in this case you eventually need the assistance of a good divorce lawyer instead of becoming a victim of the consequences.

Finding a qualified divorce lawyers starts with an online search. If you want to get divorce in Singapore, then you need to type the keywords ‘Singapore Divorce Lawyer’ and you will come across a list of search results from where you can select your divorce attorney. You must be attentive during your selection process. Take time to explore the website and read testimonials and client’s reviews. This will help you a lot in choosing a genuine lawyer.

An experienced attorney will guide you through the process and help you:

• Protect your rights
• Fight for your share of marital property
• Strengthening child support
• Counselling you from time to time
• Encouraging you to utilize your own interest

Child Custody Lawyer Helps to Take a Vital Decision

Divorce is a complex and painful process and the presence of kids in the marriage makes the process more challenging. Hiring a divorce lawyer helps reducing the stress. An experienced divorce lawyer is familiar with every minute aspect of the divorce case. Among the very crucial decisions that are needed to be made in case of divorce is which spouse the kids will spend most of the time with? There aren’t any simple answers to this question, but parents who cannot come to an agreement may have the custody battle. It is advisable to hire a child custody lawyer for this purpose.

The family law mediator deals with cases of property separation, alimony etc. associated with a divorce. This is referred to as family law mediation. Family law mediation is of immense importance, regarding a divorce case.

There are a number of factors involved in determining which home will serve the needs of the kids, which spouse will be able to abide by the terms of child care and control with efficiency, which is why it’s important to have the help of an child custody lawyer who can ensure the procedure is carried on smoothly. It is vital that each spouse works hiring an individual lawyer who will protect that their rights. Occasionally, even the children need to have their own lawyers involved to ensure their best interests are taken into consideration.

Legal custody entails the choices that go into raising the kid, and includes the decisions about schooling, healthcare and religion.

Dexterous Service Provided by Skilful Divorce Lawyers

Separation is always painful and it is ending up with several circumstances. No matter, whether it is under family law mediation or divorce under the court of law, importance of capable and authentic professional experts become evident. With the right assistance of divorce lawyers, acquiring the best possible outcome could be made possible.

It is common that couples filing for divorce also have to deal with the emotional aspects of their children. There are issues regarding child custody and child relocation which also has to be dealt with. Children of such couples are accustomed with depression and anxiety. Apparently, this make sense to abide by the rightful measures taken by the divorce lawyers because, they can deal with such delicate situation in a most supple way. With proper verdict, the children can lead a normal life, even after their parents are separated. Needless to say, the entire process to be executed in a courteous way is also assured by the legal experts.

Complexities and the hassles of divorce are really hard to handle without expert support of family legal service providers. With them, any sorts of difficulty and issues regarding the case get solved and at the same time it is possible to procure favourable outcome in an easy way. Even if there are problems related with documentation or other issues, the help of these skilful solution providers are of paramount help. Family law mediation can also be a better solution if in case the couples don’t want to go for divorce in the court of law.

Family Law Mediation Saves Time and Money

For all, a divorce can be the cause of anxiety and many stressful times. Marriages may be challenging, but a divorce is even more traumatic, especially when spouses go for litigation. Fortunately, many couples now choose family law mediation first to discuss and settle issues regarding their separation. Most often, couples will prefer mediation because they consider it is less expensive than contesting divorce in Singapore. It is correct; however they don’t realize that mediation can save more than just money.

Singapore divorce lawyers can act as mediator to help couples come to an amiable settlement. He/she can help couples reduce that stress level because the entire process aims to reduce conflict while working on coming up with a fair settlement that is favourable to both parties. By acting as a coordinator, the divorce lawyer or the mediator guide couples through the negotiation process, such as property division, child support and custody, children relocation and spousal support. The role of the legal representative comes to play as he/she helps maintain peace while guiding couples towards mutual understanding that is acceptable to both parties.

Family law mediation can be secure in other ways as well. The process can reduce the lengthy paperwork and the time of case proceedings. A litigation case can last for months, or even year, especially if court hearings are required. On the other hand, mediation case can last for just a few sessions. Of course, a shorter procedure reduces cost, which can, at the end, reduce overall financial stress for both parties.

Enforcement of Foreign Maintenance Orders


In Singapore, Expat Divorce judgments can either be enforced under common law or under the Reciprocal Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (REFJA) or the Reciprocal Enforcement of Commonwealth Judgments Act (RECJA). For the former, the court must have in personam jurisdiction over the defendant, making it easier to enforce a foreign judgment under REFJA or RECJA, as if the country where the judgment is made is gazetted, the foreign judgment need only be registered and can be enforced as if it were a judgment of the Singapore court.

One issue is whether an order for periodic maintenance made in a foreign court comes under the definition of “judgment” for the purposes of registering it under REFJA or RECJA. In Lee Pauline Bradnam v Lee Thien Terh George [2006] SGHC 84, the High Court held that foreign periodic maintenance orders are not final and conclusive and will not be registrable under the RECJA. Furthermore, the court held that it would not be just and convenient to register the order under the RECJA.

This is because the sums due in periodic maintenance orders are payable periodically, and are amenable to variation when there are changes in the circumstances of the parties. As a result, they are not final and conclusive judgments. This is as opposed to maintenance orders that are lump sum payments, which could be registrable under REFJA or RECJA.

Instead, the court held that such orders would be more appropriately registered under the Maintenance Orders (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act (MO(RE)A). This Act provides for enforcement of a maintenance order under section 8, and also the variation and revocation of a maintenance order under s 9.

It also is worthy to note the court’s observation that making, enforcement and variation of a periodic maintenance order should be left to the court of the jurisdiction where the party’s income is derived, as it would be better placed to do so.

Foreign Pre-Nuptial/Post-Nuptial Agreements

You and your spouse may have made a prenuptial agreement – or postnuptial agreement either before or after the marriage took place. Your question may then be whether these agreements will be accounted for or enforced in the Singapore courts.

Post-nuptial agreements

Singapore law encourages settlement of divorces through mechanisms like mediation through divorce lawyers, as it attempts to provide a harmonious resolution of the divorce. Correspondingly, the law respect parties’ autonomy to make postnuptial agreements when divorce is contemplated, and will duly enforce such agreements.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Previously, the courts were reluctant to enforce pre-nuptial agreements, as it was thought that such agreements attempt to oust the jurisdiction of the court so that they were contrary to public policy.

Recently, however, the Court of Appeal in TQ v TR [2009] SGCA 6 gave effect to a pre-nuptial agreement that was made 16 years earlier, recognising that it was valid and effective. It considered that the parties had entered into the agreement voluntarily, as mature adults, and in the presence of a notary public who had explained the content and effect of it. Furthermore, it provided for maintenance, though it did not make any provision for the division of assets.

This decision is notable because it was previously thought that the focus of the court would be whether the agreement is recent enough to reflect the current circumstances of the parties, as the parties cannot usually weigh the risks of entering into the agreement. While this may still be a factor, the court highlighted that there would situations where the agreement would be accorded significant, if not overriding, weight.

Despite the trend towards the enforcement of foreign pre-nuptial agreements, however, it cannot be assumed that such agreements will always be enforced. Ultimately, the court will exercise its discretion to ensure that a fair outcome is achieved. In doing so, it will balance its respect for party autonomy and its commitment to ensuring that fundamental family obligations are fulfilled and financially weaker family members protected.

As a side note, it is not very clear from the court’s judgment what law to apply to determine whether such agreements are valid. However, one interpretation is that the parties agreement in accordance with the proper law of the contract would trump the law of the domicile of the parties. In TQ v TR, even though the court found that the Netherlands was not the parties’ domicile, the court relied on s 112 of the Women’s Charter to justify giving effect to the agreement. This section provides that the court has the power to order a just and equitable division of the parties’ assets.