Expat Divorce in Singapore

In our increasingly globalized world, it is common for a couple who got married overseas to want to settle down for either the short or long haul in another country. Unfortunately, a couple in a foreign land is not immune to the stresses of marriage and may in fact face greater strain as they find themselves miles away from their family and loved ones. As a result, there has been an uptick of foreigners who wish to file for a divorce in Singapore – if you are one of those individuals, here are some points you should consider.

Does the Singapore Court have jurisdiction?
In order to successfully file for a divorce in Singapore, the Singapore courts first need to have jurisdiction to hear your case.

According to Section 93 of the Women’s Charter (Cap 353), the Singapore courts will have jurisdiction if either you or your spouse are

  • domiciled in Singapore at the time of the commencement of the proceedings; or
  • habitually resident in Singapore for a period of 3 years immediately preceding the commencement of the proceedings.

Singapore citizens are presumed to have been domiciled in Singapore, unless proven otherwise, and the period of 3 years under limb (b) will not be affected if the person has travelled briefly within the time frame in question.

Aside from the above requirements, the couple must have been married for at least 3 years before divorce proceedings can be commenced in Singapore.

What if I do not satisfy the 3 years requirement as a habitual resident?
If the requirement is not satisfied, you can file for a divorce only if you are able to prove that you have the intention to be domiciled in Singapore. In other words, you must show you want to make Singapore your permanent home and have no contingency plans of moving back to your home country. Acts such as being a Singapore Permanent Resident and/or applying for Singapore Citizenship go towards proving such an intention.

What if my spouse wants to file for a divorce overseas, but I want to file for a divorce in Singapore?
In such a case, you can apply for a stay of proceedings in the other country. Thereafter, you can file for a divorce in Singapore. However, it is important to note that it is likely your spouse will file for a stay of proceedings in Singapore and you will then have to defend this application.

In deciding if a stay should be granted, the Court will assess whether Singapore is the more appropriate forum to hear the divorce. This is determined through connecting factors such as residency and domicile of the parties, convenience of hearing the matter in Singapore, etc.

What will my immigration status be after the divorce?
If you are an Employment Pass holder, your immigration status remains unchanged. However, if you are on a Dependent’s Pass, your ability to stay in Singapore is dependent on your status as a spouse and you will have to leave Singapore within 14 days after the divorce is granted.

If you are a holder of a Dependent’s Pass and wish to continue residing in Singapore, you may source for a job locally and obtain an Employment Pass in your own name.

At the end of the day, divorce proceedings are often highly stressful periods for an individual and it is recommended that sound legal advice from a Singapore divorce lawyer is attained in this process.


Go for Peaceful Marriage Dissolution with Experienced Divorce Lawyer Guidance

Divorce, is technically popular as marriage dissolution is actually the termination of marital union. It makes the partners free from each other legal responsibilities associated with the bond of marriage, as per the rule of law prevailing in the said country from where the couple belongs. But getting a divorce is that easy? Well No and one need to pass through several legal steps to complete the process. Need of a divorce lawyer, will be a must to prepare the documents for both sides. If it’s a mutual divorce then the process can be completed in a shorter time span as expectations from each side are crustal clear. Things take an ugly turn when one side is ready to go and other won’t till the time demands are not fulfilled. In such cases lawyers recommend to go for family law mediation. Where both side will place their demands and lawyers will both end will try to come to a solution to make the divorce legal or can also make the effort to patch up to save the marriage if possibilities are there.

If you are based our in Singapore and looking for a divorce in Singapore itself then you can take help of law which are dealing in such cases. One of the major decision for which you will definitely need their help is for child custody. The lawyer will present the case in the best possible way in front of Judge to help you get the custody of the child. But do remember that you need to have strong ground for it or may miss the custody.

Get Divorce Help from Qualified Divorce Lawyer

Many people think that doing their own divorce is not that difficult and it includes only filling in some forms and getting their spouse to sign a particular agreement. But, this isn’t enough. Divorce is more than just filling out forms; it is about considering things and making a sound decision. Similarly, if you case demands marital settlement agreement, having it signed is not the solution. The demand of a particular agreement is the detail with which things work out together.

Again, a lot of people are hesitant to think about their case and they really take right decisions. Also they almost do anything to avoid discussing matters over with their spouse. This is something very common, given the nature of divorce, but in this case you eventually need the assistance of a good divorce lawyer instead of becoming a victim of the consequences.

Finding a qualified divorce lawyers starts with an online search. If you want to get divorce in Singapore, then you need to type the keywords ‘Singapore Divorce Lawyer’ and you will come across a list of search results from where you can select your divorce attorney. You must be attentive during your selection process. Take time to explore the website and read testimonials and client’s reviews. This will help you a lot in choosing a genuine lawyer.

An experienced attorney will guide you through the process and help you:

• Protect your rights
• Fight for your share of marital property
• Strengthening child support
• Counselling you from time to time
• Encouraging you to utilize your own interest

Dexterous Service Provided by Skilful Divorce Lawyers

Separation is always painful and it is ending up with several circumstances. No matter, whether it is under family law mediation or divorce under the court of law, importance of capable and authentic professional experts become evident. With the right assistance of divorce lawyers, acquiring the best possible outcome could be made possible.

It is common that couples filing for divorce also have to deal with the emotional aspects of their children. There are issues regarding child custody and child relocation which also has to be dealt with. Children of such couples are accustomed with depression and anxiety. Apparently, this make sense to abide by the rightful measures taken by the divorce lawyers because, they can deal with such delicate situation in a most supple way. With proper verdict, the children can lead a normal life, even after their parents are separated. Needless to say, the entire process to be executed in a courteous way is also assured by the legal experts.

Complexities and the hassles of divorce are really hard to handle without expert support of family legal service providers. With them, any sorts of difficulty and issues regarding the case get solved and at the same time it is possible to procure favourable outcome in an easy way. Even if there are problems related with documentation or other issues, the help of these skilful solution providers are of paramount help. Family law mediation can also be a better solution if in case the couples don’t want to go for divorce in the court of law.