International Divorce Issues in Singapore

Family Law matters with an overseas element can and more often than not, be complicated.

An experienced international divorce lawyer strives to address and explain the most complex of legal issues, be they involving child custody, spousal support or matrimonial asset division.

Your expat divorce lawyer should have extensive experience in handling disputes involving child custody, visitation rights, child abduction, divorce, division of assets, discovery of hidden assets. Your lawyer should also be trained in Mediation and Collaborative divorce in order to help you resolve your matrimonial issues outside the court room system.

It is also essential that they have established global contacts including, overseas matrimonial lawyers and private investigators. With the trend moving toward globalization, international divorces tend to cross international lines more often than not, leaving families to wonder which country not only has jurisdiction but is of more advantage to them.

When it comes to international custody and visitation disputes in an expat divorce, there have been instances where some parents take a child out of jurisdiction without the consent of the other parent. A good divorce lawyer handling expat divorces in Singapore will alert you to taking immediate steps in order to protect you and your loved one`s interests.

Your international divorce lawyer will be able to offer personalized service, practical advice, and not be afraid to apply an aggressive approach, as needed in all international family law disputes.


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