Various Issues of Concern In Case of Divorce

The most crucial issue that comes into concern after the foreigner divorce in Singapore is the matter of child custody.

The divorce lawyer take the matter to the court and the guardianship is awarded to one of the parent to take care of the child. The responsibility is awarded based on the best interests of the child.

However some parent do not want to go through the long process of the court. They seek the help of family law mediator to avoid abrasive procedure of taking decision about such a delicate matter.

Once the custody is awarded, the problem of child abduction disturbs the peace of the primary parent. The parent who failed to get the custody on his/her favour might plan for child abduction.

Do not panic and seek the help of a family law mediation to safeguard your child.

Another dispute that may arise in foreigner divorce in Singapore is child relocation when one parent, generally the parent to whom the child custody is awarded, decides to move to some other place. Child relocation is refused by the other parent who is left behind as he or she do not give their consent to such a step taken by the spouse. In such a case the primary parent can with the help of divorce lawyer, approach the High Court for an order dispensing with the other parent’s consent. The court do not immediately decides, rather it considers various facts and case law before they can grant an order allowing relocation.


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