Foreigner Divorce in Singapore and Child Abduction

Marriage and divorce are considered matters that are ideally reserved to the states rather than to the federal government.

Foreigner divorce in Singapore is not easy. Did you know that you must be married for at least three years before filing for divorce in Singapore? You can manage the ordeal of your marriage by getting the assistance of family and divorce lawyer in Singapore. Engage a qualified and reputed expat divorce lawyer to know how and what to do regarding International divorce and child relocation and child abduction issues to ensure that you are supported throughout the process.

Foreign Divorce Eligibility

Believe it or not, ending a relationship is never easy and when it is about matrimonial ties in a foreign country. The divorce laws here are usually different from those in your home country. As mentioned earlier, you need to be married for at least three years before filing a divorce case. However, there are two exceptions: if you can establish that you will remain permanently in Singapore or if you can prove that there are suffering and hardship in your marriage. It is worth mentioning that a typical divorce in Singapore takes time up to six months to be granted.

Child Abduction

Under the foreign law, a parent is not allowed to move to a foreign country with their children without the approval of the other parent. This case will be considered as child abduction if a parent has already decided to leave Singapore with their children without taking legal permission or without a proper custodial agreement.


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