Tips for Instituting Child Abduction Proceedings Under The Hague Convention (civil aspect only)

A Hague Convention application may be made where a child is taken across an international border, away from his or her habitual place of residence, without the consent of the other parent who has rights of custody under the law in Singapore. The two countries must be parties to the Convention. Upon successful application, the child will need to be promptly returned to his/her habitual residence unless it can be proven that the child`s return will create a grave risk of harm to him/her

  1.  You need an International Divorce lawyer who understands the issues at hand and  can put you on the right path.
  2.  Make sure you lawyers act fast to file a Hague Convention application on an  extremely short notice.
  3.  The recommendation is that Hague cases be concluded within six weeks.
  4.  You must move quickly to obtain the documents needed to file the initial application.
  5.  Make sure you prepare a detailed family history and assist your lawyer to develop the evidence required as quickly as possible.

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