Role Of Divorce Lawyer In Cases Of Child Custody Or Spousal Maintenance In Singapore

Are you are living in Singapore and striving hard to save your marriage, then here are various factors that you have to consider before filing for the marriage termination in court. The International divorce law plays a vital role when you decide for the Child Custody, spousal maintenance, and relocation to another country. Before you file the case, you should take the help of Singapore Divorce lawyer to consult various related issues.

When a divorce is filed, some sort of alumni is also decided based on the living standard, financial position, assets that contributed to marriage and much more. Thus, the family court always considers Spousal Maintenance in Singapore when a divorce is filed by the expat. The decision of alumni for a spouse is based on the situation, however in most of the case no asset division or alumni are allotted to the spouse if the financial position is decent after divorce. A lawyer well explains the grounds of demanding for the alumni amount from the court.

For cross-border divorces, the Child Custody is also a major problem. In such situation, the parent has to take the legal permission from the court to take the child to another country after divorce. If one of the parents takes the child to another country without court permission, then the other parent could file the case of Child Abduction and go for a legal procedure to get back the child. Hence, the role of a lawyer cannot be ignored if you are an expat and wish to file for divorce in Singapore.

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