Possibility Of Foreigner Divorce In Singapore

Singapore has strict divorce laws for its residents. However, Foreigner divorce in Singapore is never an easy task, as the court permits divorce only when at least one of the parties has a strong connection with the country. The situation may be, one of the partners should be the domicile of Singapore or should be living in the country for past 3 years. Moreover, if any marriage has already been dissolved in the jurisdiction of another country cannot be dissolved in Singapore again.

Thus, a divorce lawyer is required so that you understand these complexities of law and abide by them to enjoy hassle free divorce. For hiring a Singapore divorce lawyer, you need to look for the trusted attorney law office or get a reference from the friend who has already availed the law service. The expertise, knowledge and capability of the lawyer largely assure the success of divorce. Thus, hiring the professional and expert lawyer for your divorce case is most important to get the divorce with setting all other related issues such as custody of the child, the setting of properties, etc.

Every divorce case results in considering the feasible distribution of the financial assets of the couple. Thus, Spousal Maintenance in Singapore is an important task in any divorce where the court considers various factors while deciding the maintenance for ladies. The financial capability of husband, requirements of wife and living standard largely influence the maintenance calculation. Therefore, a professional lawyer will be of great support in providing you decent maintenance after the divorce.

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