Lawyers Assisting with International and Local Divorce Matters in Singapore

If you a thinking of filing for divorce in Singapore, there are many issues come to terms with. International jurisdictions and complications arising from them, immediately complicate a divorce. If your spouse happens to live in a different country lives in a different county, issues regarding jurisdiction will often occur.

Gloria James-Civetta & Co, International divorce issues are our specially. Our lawyers are understand the complexities involved and effectively advocate for our clients’ needs in this delicate period of their lives.

Child Custody & International Jurisdiction Issues

If you are about to initiate a divorce and your spouse lives abroad, the process could be simple or become complex depending on the number of issues that you face (for example, children, marital assets, business holdings, etc). If you and your spouse come to an agreement on the terms of settlement, the divorce can be finalized as a simplified uncontested divorce.

Where there are contested issues, we encourage our clients to mediate in order to spare the family the uncertainty and stress of a full blown out court litigated divorce. The most heavily contested issues in expat divorces in Singapore revolve around jurisdiction, child and property matters. These matters can be bitterly contested and especially difficult to resolve in an international divorce.

“Ms Gloria James has years of experience in dealing with international divorce matters. She has the necessary skills and experience to handle foreign divorces and advocate for her clients’ best interests”

If you live in Singapore or overseas and are planning divorce, contact Gloria James-Civetta & Co to schedule a free consultation on your matter. Call +65 63370469 to speak with Gloria James today. She will be more than happy to explain the divorce process in Singapore and help you decide on the best course of action.

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