Family Law Mediation – Deals With Negotiation In Relocation And Custody Of Child

Married couples who are getting the divorce as per the Family Law of Singapore has to abide by the law in a case of Child Relocation. The issue is raised when the divorced parents are from cross-border and wish to relocate to their native place after the divorce. Thus, the Singapore law prevents the custody of a child when it comes for the parents to relocate to a different country. Child custody has to be provided as per the law and parents who wish to move to a new country after divorce with children has to obtain permission from the Family Law Court.

If the permission is not obtained the parent who is distraught, can file the case and avail the support from Central authorities to ensure the safe return of the child to Singapore. Thus, for this, you might require a skilled and expert lawyer who can provide you best support of every complexity of the law. Child Abduction law is very strict in Singapore; hence, deep insight of the law is required while filing for the relocation of a child after divorce.

For parents who have decided to relocate to a different country, Family Law Mediation is a great support. Once you abide by the law and file necessary requests for the custody of a child, relocating will be an easy task. For this, an expert lawyer will be a great support. He is expert in handling such issue and making necessary negotiation for the child’s relocation to the new country and regarding the custody.


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