Tips for Divorcing Expats in Singapore

International family lawyer’s tips for clients who are expats in Singapore

Before moving overseas, understand that you may be trapped in another country if you or your partner should decide to initiate divorce in that country`s jurisdiction. Do your research on how it will affect you and your children.

Consult an international family law specialist lawyer. An international divorce lawyer, who understands Singaporean laws, can give you much a more objective “big-picture” advice.

If you’re in Singapore and “planning” to get divorced, be as strategic as possible. Plan your moves. Consult a Singapore Expat Lawyer who specialises in International divorces and really understands the big picture. Work out what is in the best interest for you. When determining jurisdiction.

If you feel that you are “stuck in Singapore and feel the urge to take them back to your home country. You should understand that under Singapore law, doing so without the permission of the other parent could amount to child abduction. Countries which are signatories to The Hague Convention on Child Abduction will co-operate to ensure the safe return of children removed from Singapore.


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