Requirements Of International Divorce

If you are in Singapore and want to apply for a divorce while your spouse is in some other country but not in Singapore then the divorce will be regarded as the International Divorce. It is then treated in the same when by the court and it requires some of the criteria to be matched by you and then only the court takes the case. You need to be in the country of Singapore for the last three years or more to apply for the divorce. If you are a citizen then it is all right and you can go apply for the International Divorce but when you are not then you need to fulfil the above mentioned criteria. Either you had lived in the country for three years in the past or may be living for last three years. You need to establish the fact that your spouse is outside the country for work or holiday but he also fulfils the above mentioned criteria.

You need to appoint the International family lawyer to help you out with the legal procedures of the divorce. There are many things that your need to consider before filing for a divorce and the International family lawyer can efficiently help you in that if he or she is having the required expertise. When you are confused of going to the divorce or not then you may consult the Divorce Lawyer who can easily help you with the decision without providing any judgement. You need to choose the best Divorce Lawyer in the business to have a smooth divorce procedure.

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