International Child Custody and Divorce

child-custody-lawyerGJC Law represents clients in Singapore and beyond. Our clients include locals and expats who have married in another country or Singapore. We have a wealth of family law experience with one of the largest matrimonial law teams in the country. Our managing partner, Gloria James is known for her expertise in international divorce matters.

Whether here or abroad, we assist our clients through the whole divorce process in Singapore and each of the main focus areas:

Complexities Involving International Divorce

Due to the multi-jurisdictional issues involved in an international divorce, it makes them more complex. Our experienced divorce lawyers are skilled at both identifying and addressing the various issues involved, including:

  • Addressing immediate and urgent issues. What if your spouse packs up and leaves with the children? Immediate steps need to be taken to ensure this does not happen
  • Assessing where the divorce action belongs. Singapore or another country? Do we need to associate with local counsel in another country? If so, we work with lawyers from all over the world to provide assistance in foreign laws and procedures.

Contact Our Office | Gloria James-Civetta & Co

For a free consultation on International divorce matters, call our dedicated family lawyers on +65 63370469 or email us.


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