Singapore International Divorce Lawyers

Divorce across international borders is not quite the same as a local divorce in Singapore. Expat divorces come with a whole host of other complexities. To deal effectively through international-divorce-lawyerthe complexities, it is best to see a matrimonial law lawyer with experience in international law.

Gloria James-Civetta & Co represents clients in Singapore and beyond. Our client list includes local people who have married spouses from another country and expat families who have married abroad. Divorce lawyer, Ms Gloria James has over 20 years family law experience, who is known for her level of knowledge in international matters involving divorce & custody issues.

At GJC Law, we assist our clients through the whole divorce process, including:

Gloria James-Civetta & Co – For International Family Law Issues

Due to the nature of possible multiple jurisdictions in which to file your cross-border divorce, we are skilled at identifying and addressing all aspects of the divorce process in Singapore, including:

  • Where to best file your divorce action
  • work with international lawyers in another country if need be
  • If your divorce involves children, help you take preventative measures to stop them from leaving jurisdiction to avoid possible Child Abduction issues

“Whatever your situation, our family law practitioners are here to offer you sensitive, cost effective and expert advice”

You should contact an experienced international Divorce Lawyer to help you check your position before discussing which way to move forward in your case

Contact Gloria James-Civetta & Co on +65 63370469 or email us here and we will put you in touch with our experienced international matrimonial lawyers.


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