Singapore Expat Divorce Lawyers – International Divorce

Relocating overseas for work or to start a new relationship – can be daunting. There is always an element of the unknown which comes with a different way of life and culture, leaving family & friends behind and the daunting task of relocation arrangements which need to be put in place.

This can put a strain in couples if they fail to cope with the above adjustments. In some cases the relationship will break down altogether, and the ramifications in terms of separation and divorce can be complex in an international divorce proceeding.

Issues will include the arrangements for children of the marriage, the financial settlement you should expect to receive upon divorce and which country you should initiate divorce proceedings and possible child abduction issues.

Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements
Considered an unromantic approach by some, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements are designed to allow couples to determine how they wish to have their financial affairs with in the event of a relationship breakdown, leading to an international divorce. Such agreements are recognizable in Singapore.

Jurisdictional issues for Singapore Expat Divorces
Expat divorce eligibility
 Can you divorce in Singapore? Yes. Provided you satisfy the following requirements:-

(a)  Married for more than three years

(b)  Habitually resident in Singapore for more than 3 years

(c)  Have a Ground for Divorce (fault or no-fault basis)

What makes Singapore a better Jurisdiction for an Expat Divorce?
In Singapore, you pay for one set of legal costs as it is a fused legal system and not two sets (Barrister & Solicitor), as in United Kingdom (UK), or elsewhere.

How long is the procedure for an Expat divorce in Singapore?
A Singapore Divorce normally takes about 5 to 6 months (ie 2 to 3 months to Interim Judgment and 3 months to Final Judgment.) The latter is a mandatory period to wait. However, this can be abridged to 1 week if there are compelling reasons for the immediate closure and need to obtain Final Judgment soonest possible. To proceed with this, an application has to be made at the time of the divorce hearing and the party asking for it, has to be present for the divorce hearing. Your Singapore divorce lawyer should ease you through the process.

You should contact an experienced international Divorce Lawyer to help you check your position before discussing which way to move forward in your case.