Singapore Expat Divorce

Getting divorced in Singapore

There are 2 types of divorces in Singapore, Contested Divorces which can be very costly and Uncontested Divorces which are much cheaper. You should speak to a Singapore divorce lawyer with experience in Expat divorces with regards to your divorce in Singapore.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is preferred because it is swift and straightforward. For this divorce, parties may need to have a ground to sever their marriage unless they have been separated for 3 years with consent from their spouse or 4 years without consent. Couples will be required to agree on all ancillary issues and will usually have no need to be present in court.

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Contested Divorce

Contested divorce will require court attendance. One party to the marriage is given recourse to go to the courts to end his/her marriage if any of the grounds provided under Singapore Law are met. Areas on to have this divorce is if there are disagreements on the grounds for divorce, child custody, marital property distribution and assets which the parties cannot settle by themselves, therefore the court’s intervention is necessary to put an end to the marriage and the accompanying issues.

Divorce is available to couples who have not registered their marriage in Singapore but have been residing or working in Singapore for a period of 3 years. For expats who do not meet this criteria, they may wish to enter into a marital agreement to settle their marital issues upon divorce.

What else can You Do if your partner does not live in Singapore?

Expats are able to serve divorce papers on their partners living overseas. Alternatively, if your partner cannot be located, an application can be made for the dispensation of service.

An experienced expat divorce lawyer will be able to make such applications on your behalf.

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