Choosing a Good International Divorce Lawyer in Singapore….How Will You Choose?

What Expat Divorce Lawyers Do: International Divorce Lawyers represent clients through the whole process of a divorce in Singapore. International divorces involve complexities that make them much more challenging than a regular divorce.

There will almost certainly be:

  • Immigration consequences or implications regarding their residency status in Singapore.
  • Questions about jurisdiction. The courts and family laws of at least two countries and possibly more if the couple resided in another foreign country.
  • Cross-border issues relating to properties and children of the marriage.

These complexities present most divorce practitioners with problems they aren’t familiar with. Researching this type of information takes time and by the time they advise their clients correctly, it may be too late.

What would you do if your spouse went back home and took the children with them?

What if your spouse dissipated funds from your joint bank account?

As you can imagine, the results from not being switched on right away can be disastrous for the couple or individual. Excessive fees from a divorce lawyer that does not have the right experienced backup team to research properly and even the failure to obtain a divorce at all are some of the potential problems facing an expat couple.


Give Advice That Helps You.  Good expat divorce lawyers give you realistic advice ng your situation in order to put you in a better position if you should you wish to opt for family law mediation or Collaborative Law Divorce before facing a judge in court.

Understand and know The Law.  A good Singapore divorce lawyer should not only know the law, but also know how to interpret the law in a meticulous and orderly manner. They should be familiar with the way a judge conducts their proceeding. Experienced divorce lawyers have presence and are well respected by the judiciary.

Realistic Expectation.  A good expat divorce lawyer is not there to pamper you with only information that you want to hear. Their advice should be so that you can take appropriate and immediate action should you need to. They will be the lawyer that they need to be.

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