As an Expat in Singapore, can I get a Divorce?

Qualifying factors for expat divorce in Singapore

Expat divorces can proceed in the Singapore courts if the parties have been married for at least 3 years and if one or both parties are habitually domiciled in Singapore, i.e. If the parties have spent the past 3 years residing in Singapore.

You can contact our Expat Divorce Lawyer Singapore for more information on the divorce process.

What are the implications between filling a divorce in Singapore and in other countries?

The Courts may accept different reasons for divorce and this varies between countries. For example, in Singapore, parties can choose to proceed on either a fault-based or non-fault based divorce but there is no such notion of a fault-based divorce in Australia.

Courts have varying views with regards to the division of matrimonial property; which jurisdictions suits you is best?… is explored with a Singapore expat lawyer who can help you decide on the most favourable jurisdiction before you commence divorce proceedings. Always seek the opinion of an experienced divorce lawyer.

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